Make transactions worldwide, effortlessly.

Facilitate seamless transactions worldwide with blockchain technology, by eliminating traditional barriers to money movement.

The next financial revolution

Blox pioneers future-focused financial services prioritizing accessibility, transparency, security, and speed. Our solutions facilitate seamless cross-border money movement for institutions and companies, bridging currencies effortlessly.

Seamless money movement

Enjoy seamless, transparent value transfers worldwide with 24/7 uptime. Funds are secured through a third-party custodian for protection.

Blockchain technology

Blox utilizes the global infrastructure of the digital asset industry. Our proprietary tech stack, developed in-house, prioritizes security.


Clients can withdraw funds or a portion as needed without restrictions. Experience a risk-free platform with best-of-breed partners.

The Blox platform infrastructure

Cross-border payments are essential for engaging in international transactions, including e-commerce and trade.

AI-Powered Currency Conversion

Optimal currency conversion
Real-time insights and strategies
Ultra-low latency, low-cost transfers

Proprietary Technology

Mitigates currency devaluation risks
Maximizes profits, simplifies finances
Protocol Risk Management

Limitless Transactions

Unlimited size and frequency
Established fiat onramps and offramps
E-commerce, international trade, and more

Eliminate traditional barriers to money movement

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Our products

Cross-border payments are crucial for the global economy, facilitating trade, investments, and growth. Blox prioritizes efficient, secure transactions, offering transparency, reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Blox Trade Finance

A secure and efficient platform for transferring funds across borders, offering competitive exchange rates and low fees. A service tailored for those looking to send money to vendors in other countries, with fast transfer times and convenient delivery options.

Blox Pay

A payment gateway solution for businesses engaging in international e-commerce, enabling seamless transactions in multiple currencies and providing fraud protection and dispute resolution services.

Blox Wallet

A digital wallet solution for storing various currencies, including fiat and digital assets, providing users with easy access to their funds for cross-border transactions.

Blox Card Processing

Helping businesses efficiently and securely process international payments with international cards. Enables businesses to accept payments with debit cards from customers worldwide, expanding their reach and facilitating cross-border transactions.

Blox White Label Cards

A comprehensive and customizable solution for businesses looking to issue debit cards under their own brand. Provide your customers with a seamless payment experience, backed by the reliability and security of our platform, including funding with Digital Assets.

Blox API

An application programming interface (API) that allows developers to integrate Blox's cross-border payment solutions into their own applications and platforms, enabling customized payment experiences for their users.

Blox Institutional

A platform allowing institutional clients (banks, brokers, asset managers, OTC desks, traditional businesses, etc.) to buy and sell digital assets, or convert their defi assets (stablecoins) to other digital assets or fiat currencies.

Our Partners

Collaborative partnerships are crucial to Blox's technology, fostering innovation and enhancing our solutions for clients worldwide.

Diego Baez

Co-founder & CEO

Pioneer in Electronic & Algorithm Trading in Global Equities markets.

Keith Bliss

Co-founder & Global Head of Strategy & Markets

Senior level executive in Global Financial Services having worked in all facets of finance.

Sylia Gallegos

Chief Marketing Officer

Sylia is a distinguished marketing leader specializing in AI and blockchain technologies.

Leandro Meneses

Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Strategic sales executive with a strong track record of sales success.

Borderless Transactions,
Limitless Possibilities